Production Expertise

Ensuring Cost-Efficient Processes and
High-Quality Solutions

Excellent NVH components and solutions need excellent production processes. We are living a culture of continuous improvement to fulfill our customers’ expectations in quality, efficiency, and reliability. The basis of our business is to manufacture and deliver high-quality products for all our customers around the world. Due to our striving for continuous improvement, we develop and adapt production methods to further shorten manufacturing times and make products more cost-efficient.

Lean Production, Commitment to Quality and Reliable Delivery

The framework for operational excellence is our Vibracoustic Production System (VPS). It is based on our values and focusses on standards, a culture of continuous improvement, empowerment of people and lean management. VPS is designed to eliminate waste in production and all its related business processes. Embedding quality into operations via standardized work processes, defined testing and quality assurance activities ensures, that products are manufactured exactly to the needs of our customers. We apply our approach throughout our entire organization and a closed loop process in all our sites around the globe. In addition, we offer VPS trainings to continuously improve the productivity of our manufacturing chain. Our supplier management ensures that the supplied components, products, systems or services meet the agreed quality levels in line with our specifications.

We measure our efforts to deliver reliable and consistent Vibracoustic quality with key performance indicators for the performance of our products and our processes making sure we constantly fulfill customer requirements.

Thereby we rely on continuous improvements to product design, supplier quality, manufacturing processes, quality assurance methods and methodologies. This involves planning and managing the complete operational supply chain from suppliers, to production and final shipping to our customers. The supply chain consists of material ordering, production planning, customer service, warehousing, inventory management, line feeding, packing, transportation and just-in-time delivery of goods.

Our goal: to deliver proven quality wherever our automotive customers need us to drive comfort and to improve efficiency, quality and ensure reliable delivery performance every day.