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Materials “It‘s all in the mixture”

Our materials expertise is the basis for our excellent results in the isolation and damping of vibrations in cars and trucks. We offer the perfect mix of organic and synthetic polymers for all vibration control challenges put to us by our customers, providing the optimal combination of metal or plastic and damping materials. Particularly in the case of rubber, which is essential in vibration technology, we develop environmentally sound formulas that can withstand the highest thermal loads. Whether it is DualRubber, dual component materials made of silicones and plastic or MCU, we have the solution for optimal temperature resistance and durability.


Vibracoustic Natural Rubber

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is the most important raw material used in the production of elastomers.

Vibracoustic epdm


Vibracoustic develops many vibration control products based on high temperature-resistant synthetic rubber. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber (EPDM) is one such material.

Vibracoustic Polyurethanes


Polyurethanes are plastics such as synthetic resin with unique material properties.

Vibracoustic Silicone


Silicone rubbers are an exception among all other synthetic rubbers as they withstand temperatures of up to 145°C.

Vibracoustic Thermoplastics


Thermoplastics offer great strenght, durability and lightweight designs that reduce the carbon footprint. 


Other Topics

Vibracoustic Product Development

Product Development

With our unique closed loop development process and system expertise, we offer our customers a fast and efficient solution.

Vibracoustic Quality management

Quality Management

Quality matters: therefore Vibracoustic has consolidated all its relevant business processes into a single globally standardized management system.

Vibracoustic Production Excellence

Production Excellence

Manufacturing high-quality components in record time requires innovative production methods.