• Centering devices, Isolators & Dampers

    If the engine is installed in the front, the drive force must be transferred to the rear axle by means of a propeller shaft, in case of all-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles. Vibracoustic develops and manufactures various supports and joint types that need to be mounted precisely due to their high rotational speeds.

    Centering devices, Isolators & Dampers
  • Powertrain Mounts

    To ensure maximum comfort for the driver, vibrations coming from the engine must be isolated and road excitations must be damped as effectively as possible. To achieve this, powertrain mounts developed and manufactured by Vibracoustic are used - either as engine or gearbox mounts .

    Powertrain Mounts
  • Torsional Vibration Dampers

    With torsional vibration dampers from Vibracoustic, rotational irregularities in the engine are balanced out and the vibrations in the crankshaft are kept away from the belt drive and the auxiliaries.

    Torsional Vibration Dampers
  • Air Springs

    Today, every second car with an air suspension comes with air springs from Vibracoustic. Air springs offer a number of impressive benefits over coil springs. Find out more here.

    Air Springs
  • Chassis Mounts

    Vibrations that act upon the chassis during a car ride are more than just an annoyance. Dozens of chassis mounts on the transverse control arms, subframe, suspension strut, and stabilizer provide relief. These small, but important, components from Vibracoustic affect handling and reduce undesired vibrations.

    Chassis Mounts
  • Isolators & Dampers

    Vibracoustic isolators and mass dampers are ideal for solving a wide variety of vibration-related challenges that tend to come up right before production starts. Thanks to their high technological expertise our engineers provide quick solutions meeting the highest quality standards.

    Isolators & Dampers
  • MCU Components

    The engineers at Vibracoustic are always researching materials that combine maximum performance with minimum space requirements. Microcellular polyurethane (MCU) is one such material.

    MCU Components

Passenger Cars Powertrain

A passenger car powertrain with an internal combustion engine is a major source for unwanted noise and vibrations. With engine and transmission mounts, prop shaft dampers and exhaust mounts from Vibracoustic, passengers enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride.