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Quality Management From Milestone to Milestone

Solutions that meet every single vibration-related requirement down to the very last detail. It sounds simple, but as anyone involved in the industry will tell you, it is far from it. The reason? For one, bearings, mounts, shock absorbers, and mass dampers need to meet demanding requirements with respect to temperature resistance, installation space, and weight. And on top of that, these components need to be developed to perfection at increasingly shorter intervals. This is why Vibracoustic has consolidated all its relevant business processes into a single, globally standardized management system. The goal of this system is to define the responsibilities in the development process clearly and to ensure that processes are perfectly coordinated.

The key to all this? A process used to plan quality in advance. This process is made up of five stages: A conceptual design stage, a product development stage, a process development stage, a production approval stage, and, finally, the actual production stage. And only after every single milestone in a phase has been reached do we move on to the next phase.

The conceptual design stage focuses on feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and potential risks. The product development stage then goes on to assess whether the design can be implemented reliably and robustly. Once this is done, the process development stage is used to evaluate the design and the project's progress to see whether they can be safely and reliably implemented. Then, the various production processes are evaluated before a production approval is issued so that actual production can begin. The result? Components guaranteed to meet our strict quality requirements, and to drive comfort.

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No matter if it is natural rubber, silicone or EPDM, we offer the right material for all our applications.


Product Development

With our unique closed loop development process and system expertise, we offer our customers a fast and efficient solution.


Production Excellence

Manufacturing high-quality components in record time requires innovative production methods.