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Manufacturing high-quality products in record time requires innovative production methods. And there are multiple advantages to using such methods: shorter manufacturing times make products significantly more cost-effective, all while ensuring greater quality and eliminating scrap. This is why Vibracoustic has developed ultrafast vulcanization.

Ultrafast vulcanization technology is based on the phenomenon of heat conduction, in which heat—just as stated by the second law of thermodynamics—always flows from higher temperatures to lower temperatures. During this process, and as per the law of conservation of energy, no thermal energy is lost. So how does it work in practice? First, it is important to note that in conventional injection molding, an elastomer's melt temperature usually falls between 75 and 100°C. Ultrafast vulcanization instead makes it possible to gently increase a material's temperature before injection.

This means that the difference between the material's temperature before injection and the required vulcanization temperature in the mold (which usually ranges from 165 to 180 degrees) is relatively small, making it possible to shorten the heating time in the mold significantly. This, in turn, means that the production process involves fewer steps and takes less time.

Ultrafast vulcanization technology is primarily meant for rubber components, rubber-bonded metal components, and rubber-bonded plastic components. In fact, it is perfect for manufacturing high-quality components in record time when working with natural rubber products and elastomer wall thicknesses of more than ten millimeters.

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