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Thermoplastics Lightweight motor mounts

The weight of a motor mount is currently mainly determined by the metal components used. To reduce weight and thus also CO2 emissions, the engineers at Vibracoustic strive to replace as many metal parts as possible with plastic parts. Motor mounts where thermoplastics take on the supportive function of metal are one result of this work. They are both: extremely light and very durable.

Motor mounts consist of a mounting bracket and a support arm that transfers motor shake into an isolating and damping element. In comparison to traditional, rubber to metal bonded motor mounts, Vibracoustic’s thermoplastic mount is half the mass. This mass reduction is achieved while maintaining durability, as well as an unparalleled resistance to corrosion.

We have been heavily focused on rolling out global and cost-efficient development tools such as the anisotropic simulation and closed-loop, to help standardize the design and validation of rigid thermoplastics to develop innovative NVH solutions. The lightweight motor mount is the result of our strategy to develop thermoplastic versions of all our products. It is this unique expertise, together with our established industry pedigree that continues to give us an edge in the automotive industry.

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