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Polyurethane Optimal suspension—even in tight spaces

Polyurethanes are plastics such as synthetic resins, which are used to manufacture a wide range of products such as artificial leather, adhesives, or composite fiber materials, for example. Due to their high reactivity, which they owe to amines and organometallic catalysts, foams with various densities can also be produced from polyurethanes. The low-density and high-density foams are ideal for producing insulation and packaging. Vibracoustic uses this material in the form of a microcellular foam  to manufacture jounce bumpers, body mounts, spring seat isolators and top mounts.

Micro Cellular Urethane (MCU) is not only very insensitive to fuels, oils, alcohols, and the gas ozone, but, like all polyurethanes, also has impressive high tensile strength and low abrasion. MCU is also very light, has high tensile strength, and exhibits low compression set compared to rubber. With their materials expertise, the developers at Vibracoustic configure the microcellular polyurethane to various degrees of rigidity and density, whereby MCU can be greatly compressed and used effectively in very small installation spaces.

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