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Natural Rubber High-Tech Material from Tree Bark

Natural rubber is the most important raw material used in the production of elastomers. Elastomers are also commonly known as rubber and form the basis for many NVH solutions from Vibracoustic. Depending on the raw material, a distinction is made between natural and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber comes from latex, the milky sap found in the bark of the tropical tree "Hevea Brasiliensis”. Elastomers are essential in automotive manufacturing, as they can be significantly deformed and still return to their original shape after release of the load. Due to this unique property, elastomers are used by Vibracoustic in components such as mounts, springs, absorbers, and dampers.

  • SMR10 Natural Rubber
  • DP Pale Crepe Natural Rubber
  • SVR-L Natural Rubber

To achieve the desired effect, the rubber needs to be extensively processed. During the process of vulcanization, the rubber molecules are first cross-linked with each other. Then the material properties are specifically influenced through the addition of fillers. This is where Vibracoustic's engineers make full use of their materials expertise. With the help of modern simulation procedures, they determine the optimal material and properties for every application. Manufacturers benefit from short development times and high quality, while car drivers can enjoy durable components that increase their driving comfort.

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