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EPDM Synthetic Rubber for High Temperatures

The mechanical strength of natural rubber is unrivaled. The material from the bark of trees has one drawback, however, in that it is only suitable for use in temperatures from 70°C to a maximum of 100°C, depending on its design. Consequently, Vibracoustic develops many NVH solutions based on more temperature-resistant synthetic rubber. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber (EPDM) is one such material.

Due to its high temperature stability, specific damping qualities, and long durability, EPDM is particularly used in decoupled pulleys, dampers, and center bearing supports. Due to tighter installation spaces, higher power density, and encapsulation of the motors, materials must be able to withstand ever-higher temperatures. EPDM rubber is also increasingly being used in motor mounts for commercial vehicles.

The biggest problem with heat-resistant materials is their lower dynamic strength compared to natural rubber. Vibracoustic is able to eradicate this drawback with a new generation of materials that use nanotechnology. Nano-EPDM not only offers considerably higher temperature resistance than natural rubber, but also significantly higher strength with dynamic loads.

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