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Detect and Neutralize Disruptive Vibrations

Engine and motor mounts carry the static and dynamic loads and isolate vibrations from low to high frequencies. To achieve the best NVH performance and provide a comfortable and smooth ride experience for all passengers, the mounts and torque rods need to be precisely tuned and adapted to the specific requirements.

With our proprietary motor mount system simulation, we can configure, simulate, benchmark and fine-tune the interaction of the different system components, with each other and with the surrounding vehicle structures, without changing the DNA of the specific vehicle. Furthermore, we can verify the results on our own vehicle and component test rigs.

Downsizing, cylinder deactivation and higher combustion pressures help to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, but at the same time engines with fewer cylinders generate more vibrations as the time intervals between the ignitions are longer. Since conventional mounts work passively, they are not always able to eliminate these types of disturbances.

Active motor mount systems take it one step further and use specially generated counter-vibrations to neutralize the incoming vibrations. The basic principle lies in neutralizing incoming sine wave vibrations by using specially generated uni-axial counter-vibrations. These counter-vibrations are set at the same frequency and amplitude and work through their opposite phase.

An input sensor, such as a microphone or accelerometer, measures the vibration or noise perceived in the vehicle and reports the data to an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit processes the input signals in real-time and determines the counter-vibration, which is then generated by an electrodynamic actuator. The result is then measured by the input sensor and processed again. Vibracoustic thus offers a situational and pinpoint system that detects and neutralizes unwanted vibrations.

Our unique experience and know-how as well as the test and tuning equipment from component to subsystem level form the basis of our comprehensive understanding of the full vehicle system. Our broad portfolio of engine and motor mounts, from conventional to switchable and hydro mounts, offers OEMs flexibility in development. New high frequency requirements deriving from electric motors or electrified drive trains can also be addressed.

We support light vehicle manufacturers in developing, producing and fine-tuning active motor mount systems. This includes providing the base and application software, the auxiliary hardware like sensors and actuators, as well as integrating the motor mount system within the full vehicle system.