Light Vehicle Products

Switchable Three-Chamber Air Springs

Resolve the conflicting objectives of comfort and good driving dynamics

Sprocket Dampers

Significantly reduce the noise and vibration amplitudes of the chain drive

Spherical Center Sleeves

Align the gear box to the drive shaft and allow high cardanic angles using a spherical elastomer track

Seat Dampers

Reduce seat vibrations with opposing inertial forces

Quiettype Motor Mounts

Reduce the noise of electric motors across a broad and configurable frequency range

NRG-Disc Flexible Rubber Couplings

Reduce effects of unwanted torsional vibrations and high frequency noises, offer a strong, compact and cost-effective drive shaft coupling

MCU Top Mounts

Isolate road noise and more effectively react shock loads with high amplitude damping and a long linear rate response

MCU Jounce Bumpers

Enable ride tuning, absorb energy from irregular road events, and support vehicle handling requirements

MCU Body Mounts

Locate and isolate the vehicle's body from the frame, while improving the vehicle comfort and handling qualities

Other Mass Dampers

Reduce vibrations with opposing inertial forces and highly flexible design

Lightweight Plastic Top Mounts

Minimize road surface excitation and reduce weight

Lightweight Plastic Motor Mounts

Enable significant weight savings without compromising performance

Lightweight Front Axle Plastic Top Mounts

Reduce weight and provide high frequency isolation

Fluid Torsional Vibration Dampers

Designed for when loads, damping and thermal load capacity are high

DualRubber Bushings

Simultaneously provide low damping vertically and high damping horizontally

Drive Shaft Dampers

Reduce or eliminate torsional vibrations and natural frequencies at the drive shaft

Brake Tuned Absorbers

Dampen low frequency moaning and squealing brake noises

Air Springs with ZAX Bellows

Combine good torsion decoupling with dimensional stability

Air Springs with Axial Sleeves

Provide optimal comfort at very low friction levels

Active Hydro Motor Mounts

Neutralize incoming vibrations and reduce noise by up to 20dB

Commercial Vehicle Products

Transmission Mounts

Limit maximum deflections and provide vibration isolation from low to high frequencies

Stabilizer Bar Link Bushings

Support driving stability and comfort

Motor Mounts for Electric Trucks

Address high torque and high frequency NVH challenges

Motor Mounts

Provide high temperature resistance, operational stability and excellent NVH performance

Leaf Spring Bushings

Withstand enormous torsional and radial loads

Comfort Bearings

Offer low radial and axial stiffness and minimum installation space

Cabin Top Mounts

Withstand high static preloads and serve as a decoupling element

Cabin Mounts with Tilting Function

Enable high torsional deflection without damaging the rubber components

Bolster Springs

Adapt to different load conditions and improve driving comfort and stability