Lightweight Plastic Engine Mount

Engine mounts are in use throughout the entire service life of a vehicle and must therefore be very durable. They carry the static and dynamic loads of the motor and are also an important factor for vibration isolation from low to high frequencies. They also influence vehicle dynamics when cornering or braking by controlling the engine movement in all directions.

Weight reduction has been an important goal for OEMs to improve fuel efficiency as well as to comply with ever stricter emissions regulations. Especially in electric vehicles, weight plays a decisive role: The lighter the vehicle, the larger its range. Lightweight plastic engine mounts from Vibracoustic enable weight savings of over a third compared to an equivalent metal application. Vibracoustic has developed a wide range of technologies – from design and FEA simulation to mass production – using glass fiber reinforced polymer to offer a comprehensive portfolio of lightweight plastic engine mounts for all kinds of requirements to the market.

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