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Transferring high rotational
speeds softly to the rear axle

All-wheel drive vehicles are in vogue all over the world due to their better traction, driving stability, and off-road performance. If the motor is installed in the front, the drive force must be transferred to the rear axle by means of a propeller shaft, similar to rear-wheel drive vehicles. The rear axle really works hard. In fact, it turns around its own axis 5,000 times per minute at a speed of 125 mph.

Since the propeller shaft is very long, it is made up of several joints, which transfer the torque. The middle joints are each supported by a center bearing support. Vibracoustic develops and manufactures custom supports for various joint types, which need to be mounted precisely due to their high rotational speeds. Center sleeves, which permanently align and isolate the propeller shaft with flexible prop shaft couplings, or rubber joint discs are used for this purpose.

Wear is a particular challenge. If it is too high, the propeller shaft will no longer be centered correctly. This can lead to imbalances that can be heard inside the vehicle. Consequently, the engineers at Vibracoustic transformed the traditional, cylindrical center sleeve into a spherical center sleeve. Here, the elastomer track is spherical, relieved of tensile-compression stresses, and only exposed to shear stress. Wear is reduced because elastomers can bear this tension much better, and the driver benefits from durability and greater driving comfort.

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