Brake Tuned Absorber (TA)

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) issues have increased significantly within the last few years, especially regarding safety-critical components. The customer is very sensitive and immediately associates brake noises with product quality and safety. That’s why noise and vibration is the number one brake-related customer complaint, increasing warranty claims globally, year after year.

Vibracoustic’s standard brake damper REQILL is a perfect tool to solve this unpleasant noise behavior. The standardized design of the product allows it to support customers with an extremely fast production implementation and specifically tuned dampers to address the given problem frequency.

As a the trusted partner in the NVH industry, Vibracoustic can even provide a mobile measurement system on the vehicle, or noise testing on a corner bench. In urgent cases tuned functional samples can even be provided within only a few days.

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