Torsional Vibration Dampers

Damping crankshaft vibrations effectively

To achieve the ambitious global targets relating to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, light vehicle manufacturers are "downsizing". This means smaller motors with fewer cylinders, which compensate for the reduced capacity by building up increased mean effective pressure. The increased pressure and the ignition sequence of small motors lead to strong vibrations in the crank drive, however. With torsional vibration dampers from Vibracoustic, these rotational irregularities are balanced out and the vibrations in the crankshaft are kept away from the belt drive and the auxiliaries.

An additional torsional vibrator is fixed to its free end to damp the vibrations in the crankshaft. This consists of a rubber spring and an inertia ring, which are processed in different ways. The high torque pressed-in torsional vibration damper is a cost-effective solution for higher motor powers. A vulcanized damper meets the high demands for thermal load capacity, damping, and concentricity. Vibracoustic has the right NVH solution for every application.

The dampers are particularly effective in conjunction with decoupled pulleys, which keep vibrations in the crankshaft away from the drive of the auxiliaries. In fuel-efficient start-stop systems, they eliminate the effects of a motor that is constantly starting and stopping, and enable further savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions thanks to an additional freewheel.

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