Vacuum Switchable Hydro Motor Mount

Everyone is familiar with this phenomenon: the front wheels begin to shake while driving on what appears to be flat asphalt. The steering wheel shakes and unpleasant vibrations and noises find their way into the passenger compartment. This is caused by invisible waves in the street in combination with forces from the motor mass. The phenomenon also known as "micro-shake" is often attributed to the chassis, although it is mainly caused by the motor: at frequencies that exceed maximum damping, hydromounts exhibit a considerably more dynamic spring rate than rubber mounts if they are not completely decoupled by a loose membrane. Complete decoupling does not allow for damping of micro-quivering, however. A conflict of objectives between isolation and damping arises if this is the requirement. Pneumatically actuated mounts offer a solution here, however they require pneumatics inside the vehicle. Electrical switch bearings should be used if this solution is not available.

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