Power train Mounts

Absorbing power train vibrations
as effectively as possible

Modern combustion engines should always consume less fuel. This goal can be achieved with smaller, higher-charged engines. However, many of these efficiency drives lead to high vibration levels. To ensure maximum comfort for the driver, vibrations must be isolated and road excitations damped as effectively as possible. Mounts developed and manufactured by Vibracoustic are used in order to achieve this.

Motor and transmission mounts consist of a motor or gearbox support arm, an isolation element, and a body-side connecting element. The spring that dampens vibrations and supports the drive torques and isolates noise during start-up is most important. While driving, it prevents booming noises and load change shocks. Vibrations of the body and drive are improved by a hydraulic damping system.

With its globally unique portfolio of motor and transmission mounts, Vibracoustic offers the right solution for meeting every requirement. These range from conventional rubber mounts and hydraulic motor mounts to switchable motor mounts. With our mounts we drive comfort by ensuring that undesired vibrations and shocks in the power train do not reach the driver.



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  • Hydro Motor Mount
  • Lightweight Plastic Motor Mount
  • Vacuum Switchable Hydro Motor Mount
  • Torque Rod
  • Gearbox Mount