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A sponge that can carry a whole vehicle

One of the automotive industry's primary goals is to keep making vehicles lighter. This, coupled with the fact that design engineers always need space for new components (hybrid drives, for example), means that the space available for the spring elements inside a vehicle keeps getting smaller and smaller. For this reason, the engineers at Vibracoustic are always researching materials that combine maximum performance with minimum space requirements.

Micro Cellular Urethane (MCU) is one such material. In contrast to rubber, MCU is not homogeneous. Instead, it is similar to a sponge, but with properties that enable it to bear the weight of an entire vehicle. In fact, an MCU product with a height of 100 millimeters can be compressed to 20 millimeters, bear several times the load exerted by a normal vehicle, and then expand back to its original shape as if nothing had happened. And that is just the beginning: the material is also characterized by low weight, progressive stiffness, and excellent long-term behavior when subjected to cold, heat, and moisture.

Thanks to extensive experience in developing and manufacturing MCU products, Vibracoustic has the necessary know-how to provide custom-tailored solutions for any application and vehicle segment. Our current MCU product portfolio includes jounce bumpers, top mounts, body mounts, and leaf spring isolators.

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