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Vibracoustic isolators and mass dampers are ideal for solving a wide variety of vibration-related challenges. Thanks to their high technological expertise our engineers can take up any NVH challenge and provide excellent solutions fast and cost-efficient, meeting the highest quality standards.

Mass dampers are ideal for use in applications where vibrations need to be balanced with opposing inertial forces. In these configurations, an additional spring-mass system with the same frequency, but the opposite amplitude, acts on the vibrating structure, effectively eliminating its vibrations. The way mass dampers work means that they can be used in a wide variety of scenarios: transmissions, steering wheels, and even whole convertibles are just some of the applications that make use of this indispensable system in order to prevent NVH issues.

Nevertheless, the engineers at Vibracoustic have come up with a way to improve comfort even further and ensure that even the most demanding of drivers will have their needs met: active mass dampers. These mass dampers use a sensor that is placed on the vibrating structure and that controls an actuator that can accelerate the absorber mass. This way, active mass dampers not only come with a design that weighs less and takes up less space than their conventional counterparts, but are also able to adjust to variables such as payload, road surface excitation, and temperature.

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  • Exhaust Mounts
  • Convertible Damper
  • Rear Differential Unit Damper
  • Brake Tuned Absorber (TA)
  • Seat Damper