Chassis Mounts

A well-mounted chassis
for greater safety and optimal comfort

Vibrations that act upon the chassis during a car ride are more than just an annoyance. In extreme cases, steering disturbances and body vibrations can even pose a serious safety risk. Dozens of chassis mounts on the transverse control arms, subframe, suspension strut, and stabilizer provide relief. These small but important components from Vibracoustic affect handling and reduce unwanted noises and vibrations.

Axle-strut mounts are most commonly used on the front and rear axle. As wheel-controlling connecting links, they transfer all dynamic loads. Perfectly coordinated, they increase steering precision and reduce disruptive vibrations that occur while braking or when driving on bumpy roads.

The DualRubber mount represents an advanced development. By using two different elastomers within a single mount, rolling noise can be better insulated and low-frequency axle vibrations can be controlled precisely. With the DualRubber mount Vibracoustic offers an innovative alternative between the conventional chassis bushing and the sophisticated, hydraulically damped mount.

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