Air Springs

High Performance under Pressure

It has long been little more than a dream to be able to configure the driving quality in one's own car, and with air springs this is now possible.

Vibracoustic provides best in class air spring systems. Air spring technology offers a number of impressive benefits over coil springs. For one, air springs keep the vehicle at a constant level, regardless of how heavy the load is. In addition, drivers can configure their chassis as they wish, for instance, by choosing between a firm sports suspension or a more comfortable setting. Today, every second car with an air suspension comes with air springs from Vibracoustic, making us the global market leader.

Air springs are either installed as a unit with the damper or separately. Pressure supply is ensured by a compressor. The key element of an air spring is the bellows. It determines the air spring properties and is manufactured in a wide range of different versions. The cross-ply bellows has two layers of reinforcement yarn in the bellows wall, which are covered with an elastomeric layer internally and externally. The axial bellows has only one layer of reinforcement yarn, which is aligned parallel to the bellows axis in the elastomer matrix. The free shaping of the bellows is restricted by a thin-walled aluminum tube. Because of this thin design, the axial bellows responds particularly well to small stimulations on the road.

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