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More than anything else, commercial vehicles must be economical. Since every hour of downtime costs the fleet operator money, reliable and disruption-free operation of their fleet is their main goal. Optimally aligned motor mounts meet the growing NVH-related demands of efficient drives. By offering these customizable solutions, Vibracoustic enables manufacturers to provide their customers with cost-efficient and reliable commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicles motor mounts consist of a rubber body, surrounded by two caps made of plastic or steel. As an integral component of the framework, they work like a spring to cushion motor and road vibrations and impacts. The shape and position of the motor mount must be made to match the installation space available very closely. Since this often results in very complex shapes, modern finite element methods and individual calculation models are essential.

Furthermore, the motors must also meet increasingly stringent regulations with respect to fuel consumption and emissions. Emission control systems, increasing injection pressures, turbochargers, and noise reduction drive temperatures in the motor bay to over 120°C and thus beyond the operating range of natural rubber. Consequently, Vibracoustic has developed new high-temperature materials from ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM), which enable manufacturers to achieve their ambitious consumption goals without sacrificing efficiency, durability, or comfort.

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