Chassis Mounts

Indispensable dampers for a stable chassis

Imagine a truck on a bumpy road transporting fragile goods: The driver is focused on getting the cargo to its destination, as quickly and safely as possible without incurring any damage. But to accomplish this, the vehicle must have a perfectly aligned chassis. Chassis mounts developed and manufactured by Vibracoustic absorb the stresses that affect the vehicle during the journey while increasing driving stability.

Tractor units typically have structures with leaf springs at the front axle. These leaf springs are connected to the chassis using rubber-and-metal elements known as leaf spring eye mounts. With their molecular deformations, the rubber mounts absorb the vibrations caused by bumpiness on the road. As a result, they reduce vibrations and noise, increase driving stability, and ensure optimal comfort.

Bump stops from Vibracoustic are another product that protects the axle. They prevent the leaf springs from bottoming out during braking. Furthermore, they limit the maximum displacement of the axle towards the frame to prevent damage to the leaf springs and the frame in case of overload. This ensures that the cargo reaches its destination undamaged.

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