Cab Mounts

Effective Protection and Damping of the Driver's Cab

A truck operating in long-distance routes can clock up to 100,000 miles in a year. On average, truck drivers spend approximately ten times longer behind the wheel than car drivers. To ensure maximum comfort, the driver's cab needs to be protected and damped effectively. Cab mounts from Vibracoustic cushion disruptive vibrations and noise, and thus ensure optimal working conditions.

Depending on the manufacturer´s philosophy, suspension and tilting mechanisms are developed in different ways. Suspension is generally ensured by using rubber mounts, air springs, or coil springs; in many cases, a combination of these is used. Today, engineers typically implement the tilting mechanism by using ball bearings, sliding functions in rubber mounts, or through torsion of the rubber mounts.

Since a driver's cab can weigh between 600 and 1,900 kilograms, depending on its design, the demands on the cab mount are very high. The developers at Vibracoustic therefore calculate the elastomers and metal parts using modern finite element methods and analyze the likely damage incurred to components. To save valuable development time, the mounts are then tested at the testing facility. These efforts result in durable cab mounts that meet these high demands for comfort and functionality.

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