Commercial Vehicle Air Springs

Making axle loads of over ten tons
as light as a feather

The rear axles of a commercial vehicle are exposed to heavy load fluctuations. During operation without a trailer, the axles only need to support the dead weight of the tractor unit. In the case of a fully loaded articulated truck, however, the two rear axles are each exposed to loads of more than ten tons. As a result, commercial vehicle air springs are almost exclusively used today on the axles of heavy trucks, and also with trailers or semi-trailers.

Commercial vehicle air springs provide the optimal combination of safety, comfort, and cost-efficiency. Thanks to the consistent height of the tractor unit and trailer, driving quality remains stable, regardless of how heavy or light the load is. The suspension also cannot bottom out—the chassis and load are well protected. The principle is similar to that with cars: when pressure is applied to the pistons, the enclosed air volume compresses. When the piston is relieved, the pressure drops. Safety and driving comfort can be improved even further by using adaptive dampers.

The pressure-tight connection to the other parts of the air spring is achieved by using tension bulges located at the ends of the bellows. This design has the benefit that the connection can be undone by releasing the pressure so that the air bellows can be replaced.


Commercial Vehicle Air Springs

To meet the demands of the commercial vehicle market, Vibracoustic founded the Joint Venture Vibracoustic CV Air Springs (VCCVAS) in 2013 together with HSS Otomotiv/blacktech. VCCVAS designs and manufactures a complete range of commercial vehicle air springs for cab, seat, and chassis applications, which are supplied to the major global truck, bus and trailer OEMs, as well as to the world’s growing distributor and aftermarket segment. Focused on the needs of commercial vehicle customers, VCCVAS offers solutions for every stage of the vehicle lifecycle. This includes premium VCCVAS OE products and aftermarket products under the blacktech brand. For a full overview please see: