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Steering Column Bushings

Steering column bushings isolate vibrations in the steering column and address unwanted steering wheel vibration originating from the road surface. In comparison to conventional hardy disc decouplers, they provide a better isolation in all driving situations and are lighter, more compact and sustain their isolation characteristics throughout the whole vehicle lifetime.

The compact shape provides design space and allows an elastomer layer around the aluminum core, thereby providing low axial stiffness, which means high isolation in push and pull directions. In contrast, radial stiffness is high so as to provide a direct steering feel and ensure the vehicle’s optimized handling. Small vibrations from the road are isolated to avoid constant shaking of the steering wheel.

In addition to reducing vibration, steering column bushings allow progressive damping characteristics, which are important for a more direct steering feel and control. This progression can be precisely tuned by elastomer geometry and the integrated stopper system.

About Chassis Mounts

Dozens of chassis mounts control vibrations transmitted from the road surface into the chassis of the vehicle. Chassis mounts are small but important components that improve handling and safety, and reduce unwanted vibrations.


All bushings are designed to absorb loads, caused by road surface excitations, from multiple directions. The correct stiffness and damping of the bushings are essential to maximize vehicle road holding, ride and handling. Bushings must therefore be precisely tuned in line with the whole suspension system.

Minor vibrations create an unpleasant driving experience – severe ones can result in steering disturbances and body vibrations that pose serious safety risks. To reduce vibrations, vehicles have a number of chassis mounts fitted, e.g. for the transverse control arms, subframes, suspension struts and stabilizers.

The product portfolio ranges from conventional, hydro, DualRubber chassis bushings through steering column bushings, and subframe mounts to conventional and lightweight top mounts.