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Center Bearing Supports

Center bearing supports carry the load of the drive shaft while allowing axial and radial deflection during start-up and braking. They offer the perfect isolation of structure-borne noise and vibration by damping resonance frequency and shaft tumbling.

The optimized rubber compound for acoustic isolation is also resistant to high temperatures and rotational forces. The rubber geometry can be optimized for high axial and radial displacement, constant radial stiffness and high durability. The brackets can be weight-optimized with a robust but light geometry, and different materials like steel, aluminum or even plastic can be used. Furthermore, center bearing supports can also be designed to work as a crash feature in case of accident.

About Driveline

Centering devices, isolators and dampers solve vibration-related challenges deriving from the torque fluctuations and natural frequencies of the drive shaft in rear- and all-wheel drive vehicles, where the drive force must be transferred to the rear axle. Rotary dampers, flexible couplings and centering devices help counteract unwanted noise and vibrations from the drive shaft.


Our product portfolio includes flexible power train couplings and damping devices like the NRG-Disc (New Rubber Generation Disc), Tube-in-Tube or Drive Shaft Dampers. They smoothly transfer drive forces to the rear axle and reduce vibrations deriving from the torque fluctuations and natural frequencies of the drive shaft.

In addition to elastic decoupling elements, rotation dampers can be used to effectively reduce system-related resonance effects of the drive shaft.

Center Sleeves, Spherical Center Sleeves and Center Bearing Supports help align the drive shaft and allow flexible movements of the drive shaft while being constantly exposed to high rotational speeds.

In addition, when used as tuning parts already during the early development phase, isolators and dampers help improve the structural behavior of vehicle components and generate weight savings.