Lightweight Plastic Top Mount

The isolation and damping properties of Vibracoustic top mounts play an important role in driving comfort. They connect the wheel suspensions with the chassis and, together with the springs, minimize a large part of the road surface excitation. Unwanted vibrations of the chassis do not even reach the driver. Mounts are generally subject to heavy loads and are permanently exposed to harmful environmental influences such as heat, road salt or ozone. Vibracoustic offers the structural component – instead of steel or aluminum pressure casting – made of fiber-reinforced plastic. Specific design processes were developed to take the anisotropic properties and the humidity/temperature sensitiveness of the fiber-reinforced plastic in account. Even in high temperatures, difficult conditions or even accidents, it retains its strength and stiffness. The material combination perfectly bonds the dampers to the chassis and thus ensures improved driving comfort and dynamics. In addition, the lightweight plastic top mount is – with the same performance – much lighter than a conventional mount which increases CO2 efficiency of the vehicle. Compared to a conventional top mount made of aluminum, the cost saving is up to 20 percent.

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