Unique Propshaft Coupling

TrelleborgVibracoustic develops a new solution for a special application in vibration control technology. The flexible prop shaft coupling, which went into production recently, offers automakers an alternative to a rubber flexible disk which have to date been almost exclusively produced by one single manufacturer.

The flexible prop shaft coupling is fitted to the drive shaft and ensures that the longitudinal shaft, the real axle gearbox and rear axle of all-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles are decoupled from the rotational speed irregularities of the combustion engine. The component is fitted at the interface where engine output is transferred to the prop shaft via the gearbox to set the vehicle in motion. The flexible prop shaft coupling is the optimum equipment for decoupling noise and vibration. And that is a major challenge at this particular interface because this component not only has to perform a decoupling function and to transmit torque, but also has to absorb any possible axial and cardan shaft displacement. And that is where the joint comes into its own. Movement along the axle and angular alignment are decoupled by a second rubber track in the single bushings. Another special feature is the air gap between the outer rubber track and the aluminum support. This means the flexible prop shaft coupling functions very well in decoupling vibrations at different torques and can therefore be accurately adjusted to any given drive situation. Problems such as impact noise at low-speed acceleration no longer occur.

The innovation also offers further advantages. Compared with the competitor’s solution, tests to date indicate a longer service life; as a result, dynamic endurance tests with the shaft assembly are now being conducted at customers. Moreover, the flexible prop shaft coupling is cheaper and more flexible. Bushing geometry remains unchanged even if the diameter of the threaded bores is altered. For the customer, that means significant retooling cost savings.

Thus TrelleborgVibracoustic developed an antivibration solution, which offers three advantages to the customer with the EGG: Longer durability, higher flexibility and lower costs.

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