Tuned Mass Damper Advances

Unwanted steering wheel vibration has a very negative impact on the driving performance of any vehicle. TrelleborgVibracoustic’s Reqill-Universal damper offers an individual approach to damping steering wheel vibration. Designed to provide a custom-fit, this unique cost-effective solution uses silicone rubber plugs which snap directly into the steering wheel frame eliminating the bracket which usually holds a steering wheel damper in place.

Sales & Marketing Manager, TrelleborgVibracoustic Resonance Damping, Erik Gustavsson says: “The Reqill-Universal mass damper has the benefit of providing a universal solution that can be customized for any vehicle to damp steering wheel vibration. It can prove cost-effective as it not only eliminates the need for a bracket but also the also the assembly and logistics associated with the bracket.

“This is just one of our customized mass damper concepts. Each of them is configured and tuned individually for a vehicle model. An engineering team, specialized in resonance damping, analyses each case, taking into account variables such as problem frequency, vibration level, directions of vibration or available packing space and evaluating both physical test results as well as computer-aided engineering data.”

In addition, during the development of the Reqill-Universal mass damper concept, TrelleborgVibracoustic has eliminated the need to vulcanize the steering wheel damper components together, removing the need for expensive tooling and long cycle times, thus improving total production costs. The latest step in the continuous improvement and development process at TrelleborgVibracoustic has lead to discarding other components such as the dampers’ moving mass. Instead, existing steering wheel components are incorporated as the dampers’ active/moving mass.

Most steering wheels require a tuned mass damper to manage vibrations resulting from uneven road conditions or from other structure borne inputs such as the vehicle’s power-train. Tuned dampers are also used in a wide range of areas throughout vehicles to eliminate noise and vibration concerns of up to about three Kilohertz.

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