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  • Vibracoustic Awarded with Q1 Certification by the Ford Motor Company

    19.11.2019Darmstadt, 19. November 2019 | The Vibracoustic plant in Třebechovice, Czech Republic, has recently been awarded with the Ford Motor Company’s Q1 Certification, the highest recognition for quality and customer satisfaction for suppliers of this vehicle manufacturer.
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  • Innovative Vibracoustic decoupling prevents unwanted steering wheel vibrations

    12.11.2019Darmstadt, 12. November 2019 | Preventing unwanted vibrations is crucial to provide great driving comfort and secure a relaxed and safe ride. To address those unwanted vibrations in the steering wheel, Vibracoustic, a leading supplier for automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) solutions, has developed an innovative steering column bushing. It is optimized towards reducing vibrations in comparison to conventional hardy disc decouplers. It provides stronger isolation in all driving situations and is lighter, more compact and sustains its beneficial technical characteristics throughout the whole vehicle lifetime.
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  • Convenience and comfort are among the most important considerations for German, US and Chinese consumers when choosing a new car

    07.11.2019Darmstadt, 07. November 2019 | Two thirds (67%) of the surveyed car drivers from Germany, the US and China now rate ‘comfort and convenience’ as either ‘very important’ or ‘extremely important’ when buying a new car, making it the single most significant factor influencing their purchasing decision. That is the result of a representative survey conducted by the YouGov market research institute on behalf of Vibracoustic*, a leading global automotive NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) expert.
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  • Vibracoustic addresses emerging NVH challenges unique to autonomous vehicles

    06.09.2019Passengers have heightened sense of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in autonomous vehicles, requiring renewed focus by manufacturers and suppliers // Vibracoustic is seeking to maximize comfort for all passengers of autonomous vehicles // Innovative air springs, chassis and motor mounts can significantly improve passenger comfort and ride experience in current and future mobility platforms
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  • Vibracoustic opens new Material Development Center

    11.07.2019Weinheim/Darmstadt, 11. July 2019 | Vibracoustic, a leading global automotive NVH expert, opened its new Material Development Center in its location in Weinheim, Germany. 25 material experts work closely with the Vibracoustic engineering, supporting with new prototype compounds and conducting comprehensive testing in the new 2,200 square meter large facility.
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  • Vibracoustic celebrates 20th anniversary of its Środa Śląska plant in Poland

    20.05.2019Darmstadt/Środa Śląska, 20 May 2019 | Vibracoustic, a leading global automotive Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) expert, celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Polish plant in Środa Śląska with around 600 guests including local authorities, partners and employees. Founded in 1999, the Polish location produces components for NVH solutions for driving comfort in the automotive industry.
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  • Vibracoustic NVH solutions make electric mobility more comfortable

    07.05.2019Darmstadt, 07 May 2019 | Electric mobility is here to stay, there seems to be no doubt about it. The announcements of the last few months show that the big car manufacturers are electrifying a large part of their vehicle fleet within the next couple of years. The focus of the public discussions tends to be on mileage and all-day usability. However, the electrification of the drive train also affects the comfort and ride experience of the passengers. Vibracoustic, a leading supplier for NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) solutions, develops new technologies to ensure a comfortable, relaxed and safe travel also in electric vehicles.
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  • Shanghai Auto Show 2019: New e-mobility NVH challenges and Vibracoustic solutions

    17.04.2019Shanghai/Darmstadt, 17 April 2019 | Under the motto “Create a better life”, this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, the leading trade show for the automobile industry in Asia, is all about the future of mobility and the current trends in the automotive industry. With China being the largest sales market for vehicles with alternative drive trains, it has a particularly high demand for products for electric vehicles. Vibracoustic, a leading global automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) expert, provides innovative solutions for e-mobility NVH challenges and has a strong market position in China. At the Shanghai Auto Show, which takes place from 16 - 25 April 2019, furthermore BENTELER and Vibracoustic will showcase their partnership in the development of E-Chassis solutions.
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  • BENTELER and Vibracoustic enter into strategic partnership

    11.04.2019Partnership of BENTELER and Vibracoustic combines the competencies of both companies in the development of solutions for electromobility. BENTELER provides know-how on chassis and system integration, Vibracoustic its expertise in reducing noise and vibration and the design of chassis and motor mounts. Customers benefit from noise- and vibration-optimized chassis solutions for electric vehicles.
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  • Vibracoustic technology for a comfortable SUV driving experience

    15.03.2019Darmstadt, 15 March 2019 | Today every fourth newly registered car is either an off-road vehicle or SUV. In terms of buyer’s favor, the SUV segment has in effect overtaken even the hitherto most successful segment of compact cars. Consequently, car manufacturers are constantly presenting new SUV models in all sizes, also at this year's Geneva International Motor Show. This is despite the fact that very few buyers actually plan to take their vehicle off road. What does attract buyers to SUVs is rather the elevated seating position, and the better overview it gives them in city traffic. This is why car designers are refining the new models to make them suitable for everyday use and enhance driving comfort. A key factor in this effort is the deep expertise of Vibracoustic, a leading supplier of vibration control solutions. Today the products made by the German-based company already ensure driving comfort and safety in every second SUV manufactured in Europe and thus turn rough workhorses into elegant and smooth vehicles for everyday use.
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  • New Porsche Cayenne equipped with Vibracoustic three-chamber air springs

    23.01.2019To increase the spread between sporty, firm suspension and the driving comfort expected of a touring car, Vibracoustic for the first time has developed switchable air springs with a three-chamber concept. By switching individual air chambers on and off, the air springs can be set to four different stiffness levels depending on the driving situation. The adaptive air suspension including the three-chamber concept is available as an option for the new Porsche Cayenne.
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  • Air Spring suspensions on the rise for EVs

    14.12.2017Darmstadt, 14 December 2017. Air spring suspensions are becoming more and more popular in premium vehicle segments as they fulfill various demands for improved comfort as well as optimized driving dynamics. But new and established electric vehicle manufacturers also count on air spring applications, as air spring suspensions bring additional benefits for fully electric vehicles.
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  • Tube-in-tube decoupling system makes hybridization of existing architectures easier

    12.12.2017Darmstadt, 12 December 2017. In the phase of upheaval there is a tailwind for the hybrid drive. It helps to reduce fuel consumption of popular – often larger – models. But a hybrid version based on an existing architecture has to complement the full model range. This means a fight for every inch of space for the engineers.
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  • Overrunning damper isolator pulley reduces consumption and emissions by up to one percent

    25.10.2017Darmstadt, October 25, 2017. The efficient integration of auxiliaries in the belt drive is just as important as internal engine measures for the reduction of CO2 and consumption levels. Low belt tension can lead to significant improvements in efficiency here. However, this also involves the risk of belt sagging, which needs to be prevented at all cost. Vibracoustic has now developed a solution for this: the overrunning damper isolator pulley prevents sagging and flapping of the belt and thus ensures consistent belt tension in every driving situation.
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  • Volker Christ appointed new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Vibracoustic

    12.07.2017Darmstadt, July 12, 2017. Volker Christ (53) will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer at Vibracoustic on September 1, 2017. His predecessor Stefan Eck (48) will be leaving the company on September 30, 2017, and pursuing new challenges.
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  • TrelleborgVibracoustic opens plant in Thailand

    05.11.2015Darmstadt (Germany), Rayong (Thailand), 5 November, 2015. TrelleborgVibracoustic, the leading automotive supplier for vibration control technology, yesterday inaugurated a new plant in Rayong, Thailand. The site produces engine mounts, chassis mounts, and body mounts for local customers such as Ford, GM, Nissan, and Volvo.
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  • Changes at TrelleborgVibracoustic Management Board

    04.11.2015Darmstadt, November 4, 2015. In course of long-term succession planning, TrelleborgVibracoustic announced changes at its Management Board level. As of 1 January 2016, Dr. Jörg Böcking (49) will assume the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Stefan Eck (46) will take over the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The current CTO Jim Law (59) and CFO Norbert Schebesta (66) will act as senior advisors before their retirement in 2016.
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  • TrelleborgVibracoustic is developing new decoupling solutions for the drivetrain

    22.09.2015Darmstadt, September 21, 2015. TrelleborgVibracoustic, the world's leading supplier of vibration control technology, is developing new decoupling solutions for rear-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles. A cord-reinforced elastomer coupling offers advantages in terms of durability and weight in comparison to solutions available in the market. A tube-in-tube system takes the place of traditional flexible couplings and is perfectly suited for hybrid vehicles, for example, where installation space is tight due to the presence of the battery.
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  • New reference book "Automotive Vibration Control Technology"

    02.09.2015Darmstadt/Germany, September 2, 2015. With its new reference book "Automotive Vibration Control Technology", TrelleborgVibracoustic presents the world's first compendium which outlines the essential information and latest findings in vibration control technology for cars and commercial vehicles over 460 pages. The book costs € 89 and is available on and as a print-on-demand title.
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  • TrelleborgVibracoustic develops new bellows technology for air springs

    13.02.2015Darmstadt, February 13, 2015. TrelleborgVibracoustic, the world's leading supplier for vibration control technology, has developed a new bellows technology for air springs. The "ZAX bellows" combines the advantages of the cross-ply and axial bellows previously used in passenger cars. The new technology will be applied for several SUVs.
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  • Frank Müller to become Chief Executive Officer of TrelleborgVibracoustic

    22.01.2015Darmstadt, January 22, 2015. Frank Müller (49), is to join the Management Board of TrelleborgVibracoustic as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective June 1, 2015. He will be taking over from Hans-Jürgen Goslar (64), who - after a transition period of four weeks - will act as advisor before his retirement in March 2016.
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