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Who we are

Vibracoustic is the leading global automotive Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) expert. We provide innovative solutions for all current and future mobility challenges of our automotive customers.

NVH has been at the heart of our business for decades. Exclusively focusing on automotive challenges has made us the go-to partner for adding comfort to mobility.

Our mindset is as global as our setting: More than 10,000 experts, at 43 sites, in 19 countries, taking up any NVH challenge of our customers — today and beyond.

What we do Vibracoustic.
driving comfort.

Our NVH solutions are essential for a smooth and quiet ride: They reduce noise and vibrations originating from the engine and drivetrain as well as from road surfaces transmitted into the chassis.


Comfort is crucial to the overall driving experience today, and it will be even more important in the future. New drive concepts particularly impact the comfort and wellbeing of all passengers and require new NVH solutions to ensure comfortable and safe travel in an electrified, autonomous world. Completely different sources of noise and vibration will occur and be perceptible for all passengers.
Adding comfort to mobility is what we do. Today and beyond.



The Vibracoustic Approach

We provide customized solutions for NVH challenges

We understand our customers’ challenges and develop excellent customized solutions that address the root cause of any NVH related problem. Building upon our deep expertise, broad product range, and understanding of the entire vehicle system in all automotive segments, Vibracoustic provides innovative customized NVH solutions for vehicles in all automotive segments. Our solutions add comfort without compromising on handling, and support safety, efficiency and durability.

Thanks to our expertise and proven processes that deliver excellent NVH solutions, Vibracoustic is the industry’s first choice.

We partner with our customers along the entire product lifecycle

As a partner to all major automobile manufactures, we enable our customers to bring new vehicles to market as fast and as cost-efficiently as possible. We partner with them along the entire product life cycle: From material science to development, to prototyping, to vehicle testing, to production, to logistics — Vibracoustic delivers innovative customized solutions with a short time to market.

By uniquely focusing on automotive NVH challenges, Vibracoustic has gained the highest level of expertise, making us the preferred NVH partner for automotive customers around the world.


We serve our customers with global presence and local expertise

We partner with our automotive customers around the world, and along the entire product life cycle, to offer deep experience, a broad product range, and knowledge of the entire vehicle system, always staying close to our customers. By offering our customers a global engineering network with local services and a global production set-up, we can deliver proven quality wherever our customers need us to drive comfort.

We support our customers on their way to future mobility

Autonomous driving, e-mobility, and digitalization: No matter what tomorrow may bring, comfort will drive that experience. We are ready to support established and emerging automotive manufacturers with every mobility concept. We are a trusted partner for developing current and future NVH solutions for our customers: No matter which vehicle, which size, what level of complexity, or which type of drive train. Vibracoustic provides comfort at scale.

We work together with our customers in this fast-paced industry to solve any NVH challenge, today and beyond.

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