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Our Values

Our Mission

We add comfort to mobility.

Our Vision 

We lead the global NVH industry, providing innovative solutions for all current and future mobility challenges of our automotive customers.

Our Values

Our values are part of the framework that guides our behavior in business and our relationships with others.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: We are committed to supplying the best value to our customers, by providing state-of-the-art, high quality products and services at optimum cost.

GLOBAL THINKING, LOCAL EXECUTION: We believe in the strength of combining both local knowledge and global standards.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: We ensure sustainable and profitable growth of our company by always focusing on business success, and encouraging empowerment and proactive decision-making.

INNOVATION: We are committed to being best in class by continuously improving our products, processes and business.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: We are committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of all stakeholders by continuing to operate responsibly and efficiently worldwide.

INTEGRITY: We are committed to a consistent framework of values, which determine our behavior towards all of our stakeholders.